I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! This holiday season has been packed full of fun, family, and sweets…. My jeans are no longer fitting properly, I feel lethargic, and am breaking out like I’m twelve haha! Can anyone relate??? I need to get back to a healthier lifestyle (before the New Year) or I literally might not survive! Dramatic much? Today’s inspiration post is winter workout wear. Who doesn’t get motivated to workout when you have cute new workout clothes? I do!

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Heyyyyy! So today’s Christmas gift guide is for the gals. I included widgets of various interests some of the women in your life might have, and varying price ranges. Want to know one of my favorite items I have my eye on? The camera bag that is linked under the traveler section! It is SO CUTE and well priced! Check it out below! I hope you all survived Thanksgiving. Gare and I had a wonderful time visiting my family in California. I want to go back! We are now STARTING our holiday shopping (forehead slap) and excited to see more family soon! Anyway, check out the widgets below, and if you have a guy you still need to shop for, head on over the the gift guide for the guys that Garrett himself wrote for you last week! Continue Reading

A couple of years ago I started noticing that my mood was regulated by my sugar intake. (GASP!!!!!) I would consistently be grumpy, tired and have a headache for no reason… When this happened G knew that all he had to do was give me a chocolate chip cookie and I would be all right. So pathetic…I know!!!! Sometimes, all I could think about was sugar and other times I would literally go through everything in our kitchen trying to find a yummy treat. That’s when I realized I have a sugar addiction…. Continue Reading